Monday, 5 October 2015

The Decision Maker.

You think you know it all
Your world is complete
You are simply doing what I say
You are mine to control.

I find you love and bring you joy
I make you feel happy
I control all that happens to you
I decide what comes next.

You think it could be fate
You consider the idea of
You say if you work hard
You will achieve your dreams.

I can bring you pain so easily
I can make your reality
I can do what I like to you
I am in charge.

You go about your life
You think your mind is yours
You accept life for what it is
You cannot see.

I am real and ruthless
You fight against my will
I will never leave you
You will never be free.

You make a decision
I made your choice
You think it is simple
I choose your thoughts.

We are entwined
We are one
You cannot see me
You do not want me.

We are entwined
We are one
I will rule your life from within
I am your subconscious.

E x

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